JOHNSINGH, A. & MANJREKAR, N. (eds., 2015)

Mammals of South Asia. Volume 2.

739 Seiten + List of contributors / index. 60 Tafeln mit Farbfotos; s/w-Fotos, Verbreitungskarten, Tabellen

Universities Press India, Hyderabad. ISBN-13: 9788173715891

About this book

The second half of this encyclopedic work on the mammals of South Asia, with the remaining 34 chapters, covering the orders Cetacea, Proboscidea, Perissodactyla, Artiodactyla, and Rodentia, as well as a checklist of the mammals of South Asia.

"A milestone In the natural history of the subcontinent, an indispensable, detailed source of information and of value to everyone interested in mammals, whether layperson or scientist. With rigour and objectivity, the two volumes cover all 590 species in the region, many of them in detail and depth based on consummate research conducted during the past half-century. This reflects a genuine increase in knowledge since the 1960s when many species – from slender loris to elephant were, for the first time, studied in the wild by trained biologists, with patience and respect, to create intimate and enduring portraits of other beings."
- George B. Schaller in the foreword



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