CARROLL, B. (ed., 2002)

EAZA-Haltungsrichtlinien für Krallenaffen.

Deutsche Übersetzung von Eva Zimmermann et al.
103 Seiten.
EAZA Amsterdam.
Deutsche Fassung produziert von Berufsverband der Zootierpfleger, Redaktion "Arbeitsplatz Zoo", Dresden. ISBN 9783865232748.


BARRÃO RUIVO, E. (ed. 2010)

2nd edition, 218 pp.


The  review  that  has  led  to  this  second  edition  was  started  in  2008  and completed in 2010. In some places the changes from the first edition are considerable. This includes a modified structure, to reflect the standard EAZA husbandry guidelines format, introduced in 2008. There has been a considerable revision of Section 1, Biology and Field Data which results from both changes in taxonomy and the discovery of a number of new  species  over  the  last  decade. Changes in Section 2 reflect advances in  husbandry and our greater understanding of diets, health care and social behaviour. The  EAZA  Regional Collection Plan for the  Callitrichidae  highlights the need for sound husbandry and population management in order to maintain our populations of callitrichids in captivity. Some species require considerable management due to small population sizes and difficulties in  establishing  multiple-generation breeding. Some programmes are vital for conservation reasons, such as those for the pied tamarin and the lion tamarins.  Furthermore, our experience over the years tells us that we need constantly to seek advances in the care, wellbeing and welfare of the animals in our breeding programmes.  This second edition of the husbandry guidelines  has been written by experts in husbandry, taxonomy, social behaviour, nutrition and animal health and reflects what we see as best practice for our animals.

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