Environmental enrichment - methods of improving old enclosures and keeping new ones stimulating.

Kapitel 3 der EAZA Bear Husbandry Guidelines.
15 Seiten, Abbildungen, Tabellen. EAZA, Amsterdam


Bears should live in an environment where they can, as far as possible, replicate a repertoire of natural behaviour including foraging, feeding and breeding. In addition they are highly intelligent and easily become bored in over restricted enclosures and are highly prone to show abnormal behaviour. The visitor wishes to see the bears active and behaving normally, while zoos seek to provide an environment which stimulates normal behaviour and is flexible in use and easy to manage. In many zoos bear enclosures are old and their replacement may be delayed until funds are available to build new housing. This section of the guidelines addresses the ways in which existing enclosures may be improved and new ones (see chapter 2) maintain a high degree of diversity and novelty.



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