FISCHER, M. (ed., 200X)

Husbandry Guidelines for the Babirusa (Babyrousa babyrussa) Species Survival Plan.

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Effective management of the babirusa requires proper housing. This chapter of the Husbandry Guidelines for the Babirusa SSP is a compilation of a survey sent to eight institutions housing babirusa. Using the survey results and the AZA Mammal Standards for wild swine, these guidelines have been developed on the suggested housing of this species in captivity. Managers are a sked to use these guidelines and to report any experiences that may improve the guidelines to the SSP Coordinator. Constructive comments have also been gathered from European zoos housing babirusa.

Babirusa need indoor enclosures and should have the opportunity to spend time in an outdoor enclosure. Housing animals together in pairs and as single sex groups have been successful in North America, Europe and Indonesia. Pregnant sows usually need to be separated from other babirusa prior to parturition, as boars as well as other sows have been known to kill infants.



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