HOUWALD, F. von, MACDONALD, A., PAGAN, =. & STECK, B (2007)

Husbandry Guidelines for the Pygmy Hippopotamus (Hexaprotodon liberiensis).

103 Seiten. Zoo Basel.


In 2001, the first edition of the AZA Husbandry Manual for the Pygmy Hippopotamus was published and edited subsequently. It was written by Dr. Steve D. Thompson, SSP Coordinator and Regional Studbook Keeper for this species, and his research assistant, Sadie Ryan.
Basel zoo is responsible for the European Endangered species Programme (EEP) for the Pygmy Hippopotamus. In 2003, the EEP coordinator and the SSP coordinator decided to produce joint EAZA and AZA husbandry guidelines for the pygmy hippopotamus and use the AZA husbandry manual as a basis to be elaborated upon by the members of the pygmy hippo EEP species committee and other co-workers. In this way, the experiences of a wide variety of collaborators of various zoos and with differing points of view have been made available in these guidelines and we wish to thank all the contributors for their valuable work and commitment. Special thanks go to the members of the EEP species committee as well as Lucilia Tiberio from Lisbon zoo and Alastair Macdonald from the University of Edinburgh for volunteering to write chapters of these guidelines and to Darren McGarry from Edinburgh zoo for a dding valuable ideas and comments to various sections.
These guidelines emphasise the practical aspects of keeping pygmy hippos. Since very little is known about the biology and life history of pygmy hippos in the wild, this manual is based mainly on personal observations and experiences of the respective collaborators made in many different zoos.



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