PASHA, T. N. & HAYAT, Z. (2012)

Present Situation and Future Perspective of Buffalo Production in Asia.

J. Anim Plant Sci. 22 (Sup 3): 2012. “Proceedings of 6th Asian Buffalo Congress held on 27-30 Oct. 2009 at Lahore Pakistan


Buffalo, a triple purpose animal, provides milk, meat and mechanical power to  mankind. Due to its highly nutritious milk, leaner meat and best draught power for wet environments buffalo offers immense potential for the improvement of livelihood. It is a versatile animal found across the world from tropical to temperate regions and even at the altitudes of more  than  7000  feet.  Buffalo can  efficiently  convert  low  quality feedstuffs like straws and  agroindustrial waste into human food, improve soil structure through bio fertilizer and a financial asset which can be sold when needs arise. Although, buffalo is the flagship of all agricultural revolutions; green, white and red but unfortunately has been neglected in the past. Therefore, aim of this paper is to evaluate present situation and future perspectives of buffalo production in Asia.



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