HAPPOLD, D.C.D. (1987)

The Mammals of Nigeria.

402 Seiten, 20 Bildtafeln mit 2/w-Photos, zahlreiche Strichzeichungen.

Oxford University Press. Oxford, New York, Toronto.
ISBN 0-19-8575653.


Both a field guide and a reference work, this book is the first comprehensive account of all 250 species of mammals recorded in Nigeria. The first part describes each species in detail with information on distribution, identification, status, ecology, reproduction, and taxonomy, with keys provided for easy identification of each species. Following chapters consider the ecological relationships of Nigerian mammals, zoogeographical patterns and ecological trends, and interactions between humans and mammals. Written with a minimum of technical terms and filled with photographs, drawings, and maps, this book is a fascinating and useful work for anyone intererested in African mammals.



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