Defence formation in the captive group of golden takin (Budorcas bedfordi) -
Verteidigungsformation in einer Zoo-Gruppe von Goldtakins (Budorcas bedfordi).

Der Zoologische Garten 81 (4): 206–209.


A relatively curious defence group formation of the golden takin (Budorcas bedfordi) was observed on 5th November 2008 in Liberec Zoo (northern Bohemia, Czech Republic) after first sharing an outdoor enclosure between golden takins and Chinese muntjacs (Muntiacus reevesi). This defence group which was similar to the well-known formation of muskox “rotated” according to the movement of individuals of Chinese muntjacs. This behaviour was associated with loud vocalizations of takins and several lunges towards muntjacs, but without any direct contacts. This behaviour, trigerred by presence of the muntjac group in the shared enclosure, was repeated several times during that day. Based on this experience, muntjacs preferred their separate enclosures for a few days. Thereafter (after 14th November) they repeatedly visited the shared enclosure and takins ignored them except for sporadic snort voices (this snorting continued for several weeks). We did not find any reference of this behaviour in takins. Considering muskox and takin phylogenetic relationships, the observed defence formation is of an independent origin in takins and muskox or it could have been preserved independently from some very distant caprine ancestor. It would be interesting to know whether this group-defensive behaviour occurs in takins also in the wild and which conditions are responsible for it.

Defence formation in the captive group of golden takin.... Available from: https://www.researchgate.net/publication/256916725_Defence_formation_in_the_captive_group_of_golden_takin_Budorcas_bedfordi [accessed Jun 15 2018].



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