SKERRETT, A. (1997)

The Beautiful Birds of Seychelles.

128 Seiten, 71Farbfotos, 62 Arten, keine Verbreitungskarten.
2nd edition. Camerapix Publishers International, Nairobi. ISBN-1-874041-70-9


Here is a small photo guide that offers some great photos of nearly all the birds that breed on the Seychelles islands group. A few other regular visitors are also included. This book is not meant to be a field or identification guide. Instead, it is an introduction to 62 of the 250 birds that have been recorded from the islands. The primary focus of this book is to display the endemic and resident birds which are the key attractants that lure birders to these islands.

As the title suggests, the author has selected fantastic photos, making it the best book available for showcasing the islands' birds. There are other books that cover these birds, but most of these books are composed of illustrations, not photos. There is one good book, "Photographic Guide to the Birds of Indian Ocean Islands" by Sinclair that provides nice photos, but the book covers a larger region than just the Seychelles.

Along with a photo, each bird receives nearly a full page of text that focuses on its description and natural history. Information such as feeding and nesting behaviors are typically included and, often some comments on the bird's population. This material is somewhat more generalized, giving the reader an easy to read introduction to the birds. As one would expect, the endemic species receive more coverage.

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