WEBB, G. & MANOLIS, C. (1989)

Crocodiles of Australia.

112 Seiten, farbig illustriert. Reed Books Pty. Ltd.; ISBN 6-7301-0254-8


Crocodiles are abundant in most rivers, creeks and swamps in northern Australia and are a major tourist attraction. They are part of the great 'northern adventure' that domestic and international visitors travel so far to experience. In Australian Crocodiles - A Natural History, Grahame Webb and Charlie Manolis uncover the 'private lives' of crocodiles, with comprehensive studies on reproduction, growth, movement, behaviour, habitats and food. The book begins by tackling the history of crocodile hunting and the rising demand for crocodile skins for use in fashion items, to their eventual protection and farming not just in Australia but around the world.The authors explore the anatomy, physiology and embryology of these fascinating animals. They also examine attacks on humans, the history of crocodile hunting and farming, surveying, catching and handling.Includes bibliographical references and index. 

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