LUDWIG, W. & KRÖNKE, C. (2012)

Gruppen-Gründung und Reproduktion bei Nacktmullen (Heterocephalus glaber) im Zoo Dresden.

Der Zoologische Garten (81) Hefte 2-3, 2012, S. 96- 112, ISSN 0044-5169.


When establishing a new breeding group of Naked mole-rats three significant hurdles are to overcome: 1. Determination of sex. 2. Get over the group specific smell (between individuals of different groups). 3. Get over the reproductive blockade. This report describes experiences achieving these goals as well as establishes requirements for a successful breeding. The sex determination of nonreproductive Naked mole rats is tainted with great uncertainty, because the anogenital region of both sexes appears quite similar. For a lack of births and a failure of rearing offspring the following reasons seem to be responsible: 1. Incorrect sex determination at the time of group founding. 2. The reproductive blockade could not be overcome because of disadvantageous hierarchical relations within the group. 3. Pregnancy is interrupted due to disturbances from outside the enclosure or social stress within the group. 4. Due to these disturbances the alpha-female is not often enough willing to suckle her youngsters.



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