Primates of the Cantanhez Forest and the Cacine Basin, Guinea-Bissau.

ORYX 30 (1): 74-80. ISSN 0030-6053. DOI: 10.1017/S0030605300021414


In a 4-week field study of the primates of Guinea-Bissau, a 10-day survey was carried out along the Cacine River and in the Cantanhez Forest to collect information about the presence of primates and other mammals. No biological information was available for these areas. The survey revealed the presence of at least seven primate species, four of which are included in the current IUCN Red List of Threatened Animals. Of particular interest was the West African chimpanzee Pan troglodytes verus. This was considered to be possibly extinct in Guinea-Bissau, but was found to be locally common. All primate species are particularly vulnerable because of uncontrolled exploitation of the forest, while hunting is responsible for the decline of game species in the area. Other rare species occur in the area and make the Cacine Basin and Cantanhez Forest a priority area for wildlife conservation at national and regional levels.


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