CURTIS, L. K. (2006)

Kangaroos and Wallabies of Australia.

New Holland Publishers Pty Ltd. Sydney, London, Cape Town, Auckland. ISBN 1-74110-203-0. 96 pp.


The most commonly asked questions about kangaroos & wallabies are answered in this handy pocket-size book, with particular emphasis on fascinating behavioral insights. Answers such questions as:what is the difference between a kangaroo & wallaby?, why do kangaroos hop?,
are kangaroos dangerous?, do kangaroos really box?, what is a rock-wallaby?, can you have a pet kanagroo?, what is an alpha male?, what is a mob?, how do they breed?, how do kangaroos give birth?, why doesn't a joey fall out?, can culling cause extinction?, do kangaroos eat meat?,what were prehistoric roos like?, and many many more. Filled with color photos on every page. Published in Australia.



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