BUTYNSKI, T. M. & KOSTER, S. H. (1994)

Distribution and conservation status of primates in Bioko island, Equatorial Guinea.

Biodiversity and Conservation 3 (9): 893-909, DOI: 10.1007/BF00129665.


Ten species of non-human primates are indigenous to Bioko; half of these are endangered and between five and eight are endemic subspecies. Recent data on their status and distribution have been lacking. In 1986, a ten-week survey of the island was carried out to determine the distribution and status of the primates and the natural vegetation, and to evaluate the effects of man on them. This paper presents the results of that survey, gives an update of conservation achievements since 1986, and highlights current concerns. Between 1974 and 1986 it is probable that numbers of all Bioko primates rose as a result of an increase in habitat and of reduced hunting. At the time of the survey there was considerably more natural, undisturbed, vegetation remaining in Bioko tran expected. Much of this vegetation occurs within two large blocks that are of outstanding importance to the conservation of species in tropical Africa, particularly of plants and primates.

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