BUELER, L. E. (1974)

Wild dogs of the world.

274 Seiten, mit Verbreitungskarten und s/w-Fotos
Verlag Constable, London. ISBN-10: 0812815688; ISBN-13: 978-0812815689.


Did you now that there are red foxes encamped on the very outskirts of New York and London? That in South America there is a wild dog, built something like an overweight dachshund, that dives and swims under water? That the raccoon dog of the Far East actually hibernates in winter? Or that a wolf native to Brazil can climb steep slopes with ease, but has trouble going downhill because its hind legs are longer than its front legs? These are only a few of the fascinating animals whose life-styles are on view in "Wild Dogs of the World," the first work to cover the entire family of dogs (Canidae) since 1890. Each species is treated in a separate chapter, with information on its general appearance, anatomical structure, eating habits, living conditions, behavior patterns, social structures, and family life. Photographs of the wild dogs, most shown in their natural habitats, will enhance the value of this book to the specialist and dog-lover alike. In addition to extensive chapters on familiar wild dogs like the gray wolf, red fox, jackal, and coyote, this book presents what is known to date about such exotic species as the small-eared dog and maned wolf of South America, the Semyen fox and the bat-eared fox of Africa, and the dhole and the raccoon dog of Asia. The chapter on the domestic dog includes a history of domestication and a discussion of the ways in which our pets differ from their wild relative. The author, Lois E. Bueller has pursued her interest in animals through Europe, Africa, and the Far East. A former Woodrow Wilson Fellow she how lives with her husband and children in Baton Rouge, where she teaches at Louisiana State University.

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