APPS, P. (1992)

Wild Ways.
Field Guide to the Behaviour of Southern African Mammals.

197 Seiten, mit zahlreichen Schwarz-weiß-Zeichnungen von Penny Meakin.
Southern Books Publishers (Pty) Ltd., Halfway House. ISBN 1-86812-373-1.


  • Why would a mongoose groom an impala?
  • Why are elephants so interested in their dead?
  • Which antelope eats small mammals?

Wild Ways brings to life the fascinating behavior of southern Africa’s mammals, not only what mammals do, but also the often-surprising reasons why. From the spectacular big game of national parks to the bats and rodents that live on farms and in cities, Wild ways covers all the mammal species that outdoor enthusiasts are likely to see.

Written in plain language for visitors to wildlife areas, hikers, hunters, farmers and nature lovers in general, this updated new-look guide brings together the latest research results from the African bush and is packed with new information in a reader-friendly format.



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