BANNISTER, A. & RYAN, B. (1993)

National Parks of South Africa.

183 Seiten, zahlreiche Farbfotos und farbige Kartenausschnitte.
Struik Publishers (Pty) Ltd. Cape Town. ISBN 1-86825-337-6.


South Africa has unquestionably the most comprehensive and best managed national parks on the African continent. This system today comprises 17 parks (including two awaiting proclamation) which span areas of great biotic diversity; the animals and plant life they encompass as well as their sheer beauty are unparalleled. Over one million people visit these parks each year, more than all other African parks combined, and as international tourism to this country once again starts to improve, these figures are likely to soar. The book is divided up as follows: introduction: the text is takes a very broad-ranging look at the south African National Parks Board in both local and international context. Chapters on individual parks: all attempt to provide a balanced overview of each park and include information on the vegetation types that the park represents, the biotice diversity of the region, specific environmental or socio-political issues facing the park. Research and development: this final chapter of the main section of the book shows life behind the scenes - game capture and culling, veld management, scientific research etc. The parks in brief: the parks are presented here in a set format as a quick reference for visitors and readers.



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