OLBRICHT, G. & SLIWA, A. (1997)

In situ and ex situ observations and management of black-footed cats (Felis nigripes).

International Zoo Yearbook 35: 81-89. ISSN (Print) 0074-9664 ISSN (Online) 1748 -1090.


The international studbook for the Black-footed cat Felis nigripes shows a steady increase in the captive population between 1974, when four animals were recorded, and 1990, when the total captive population was 108, although numbers have decreased since then. High mortality and an unequal sex ratio pose serious husbandry and management problems. Since 1993 research into the behaviour and ecology of this small nocturnal cat has been carried out in a 110 km2 area 10 km south-east of Kimberley, South Africa. Radio-collars fitted to nine cats made it possible to obtain data on size of home range and distribution. This paper describes the history, management and husbandry of Black-footed cats in captivity. Information is also given on hunting technique, diet, interaction with non-prey species, communication and reproduction, obtained from four animals observed in the wild for a total of 800 hours,



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